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Interview with Dean Graziosi

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Written by Steven Aitchison

This week I had the privilege of interviewing an amazing person: Dean Graziosi.

Watch the full interview here:

Interview With Dean Graziosi


In the interview dean talks about a number of things that you will find really useful:

We speak about Dean’s new book The Millionaire Success Habits which is a brilliant read, not just for gaining wealth but for all areas of life.

I have read the book (well, listened to it, I’m an audio person) and it’s brilliant.

Dean talks about his friend Tony Robbins and a conversation that had a big impact on Dean.  Quoting Tony he says ‘Life happens for us, not to us’

Dean also speaks about a few exercises you can do right now, one of them being:

List out all the things you DO want in your life rather than listing all the things that are not good about your life.

He also talks about a great story which applies to life.  ‘Point towards the direction in which you want to go’ dean says if you focus on what you don’t want in life you’ll get more of what you don’t want.  Instead invest your energy focusing on the things you do want.

Find out more about Dean

Get his free book The Millionaire Success Habits: www.DeansFreeBook.com

Check out his better life challenge: The Better Life Challenge

Check out his Facebook page: Dean Graziosi Page





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