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5 Game Changing Habits We Can Learn From Billionaires

Written by Maria Flynn

A recent report stated that the wealthiest 1% of the world own about half the world’s wealth.  The traits and habits of the successful billionaires are worthy of a review because it’s their philosophies, passion, and purpose that help the world.

For example, Andrew Carnegie, a Scots-American 19th Century steel baron was famous for this wealth AND his philanthropies.  Carnegie authored, The Gospel of Wealth, where he called upon the wealthy to commit themselves to charity and service.

The more you grow your wealth, the more freedom you have to help others.

So what habits can we bring into our own lives to invite more wealth?


There’s a reason they say, “the early bird gets the worm.”  Being an early riser is a habit most of the world’s wealthy practice.

Early mornings bring clarity, better decision making, and undisturbed time to work on projects or writing simply because no one else is up at that hour.

Starbucks’ founder and CEO, Howard Schultz has been an early-riser since his teens and still regularly gets up at 4:30 a.m. to start his day.

A typical business day may end at 5pm, but the truth is, it slows down shortly after lunch.  So waking up early increases productivity keeping you ahead of the game.

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”  ~Aristotle

Steven’s Aitchison’s, How To Become An Advanced Early Riser, teaches you the strategies to bring this habit successfully into your life.  When people ask how I get so much done, I credit my early mornings.  However, when I share that my wake time is usually 4:30am,  I get reactions of shock and aversion.  Which brings me to my next habit…


Taught in the military, embracing the suck means welcoming what’s tough and unpleasant and then pushing yourself through it.  This includes ignoring the opinions of others and focusing on yourself and what YOU can do.

Embracing the suck can only come from you.  And…to that end, your confidence will skyrocket as you work through and embrace the suck and come out on the other side accomplished and a winner!

Remember, the wealthy rise to the top typically because they are willing to do what most simply won’t even try.


George Soros, Hungarian-American investor, business magnate, philanthropist, political activist and author says, “I’m only rich because I know when I’m wrong.”  Never prolong what isn’t working and own and LEARN from your mistakes.

There will always be critics, naysayers, and those who want to keep you down—but that doesn’t mean you let them.  OWN when you’re wrong and move through the challenge quickly and with integrity by your side.


Dream big and you will be presented with the opportunity to lead the world on an incredible adventure. ~Sir Richard Branson

Without those who dared to dream BIG and go after the seemingly impossible, we would never have most of the amazing inventions that make life so amazing today!

Your dream should scare you because that eustress will only support you in accomplishing them or the very least, they will open up opportunities for you that otherwise would not have been discovered had you not put yourself on the same level as the big thinkers!

Make daydreaming a habit.  In fact, include time on your daily schedule for deep and creative thinking (daydreaming).  Without the stress of needing an outcome, when you allow time for daydreaming (or creative thinking), you give yourself the opportunity to look at problems or situations from a fresh perspective.   You’ll likely come up with unusual (creative) or unorthodox solutions (which may look unsettling at first)…but then again…why not give it a go?

We all benefit from the big dreamers because they’ve left an indelible mark in this world.  YOU may be the next person with that one idea the world needs…and it starts with the habit of dreaming BIG.


This alone is what will keep your business thriving!  Finding new clients and customers and fans is only one aspect of your business.  Giving them tremendous value keeps them coming back for more!  Value is what keeps you and your business alive.

You don’t want to be in the selling business, but rather the re-ordering business.  ~Paul Mitchell

If you’re an author, writer or blogger… this is HUGE by way of bringing readers and fans back to your work time and time again, yes?  Making your masterpieces truly evergreen.  It’s value that makes YOU a success because it’s aligned with integrity, resilience, and quality.  They’re investing in YOU because they TRUST who you are.

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