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How I Made $30,304 with Facebook Instant Articles in 1 Month

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Written by Steven Aitchison

Facebook Instant Articles officially launched in May 2015 to a select group of publishers.  It officially opened to all publishers in April 2016.  There’s still a lot of Facebook page owners and bloggers people who don’t even know about Facebook Instant Articles.

In July 2016 I tried setting it up and linking it to my blog at Change Your Thoughts however I hit a snag and decided I would come back to it later, huge mistake.  I reckon by not setting it up last year when I first tried, I have lost out on around $250,000 of ad earnings from the Facebook Audience network.

After speaking with a member of YDF, Ane Anence, and seeing how much she had earned in a week I decided to try to set it up again.  I set it up again 8th September 2017 and resolved to get the issue fixed.  It turned out it was only a small detail that I had missed that had messed things up when connecting to my blog.

It took a few weeks until the Instant Articles machine kicked in and then things started rolling along nicely.

By the end of September 2017 I had earned $3,891 from the Facebook Audience network (The equivalent of Google Adsense).  Also, with the increased reach of Facebook Instant Articles my Google Adsense earnings had jumped to $4,105 giving a total of $7,996 earned between Facebook Audience Network and Google Adsense.

I have to admit I was excited and I was telling all the members of my Your Digital Formula program to jump on this as quickly as possible.  I learned all the ins and outs of Instant Articles, reverse engineered successful Instant Article posts, looked at what other people were doing and I formulated a strategy to test.

In October I decided to really go for it and crank up the Instant Articles machine and see how much I could earn from Facebook Audience Network and Google Adsense.  I set up share agreements, did a little advertising, posted more on my page at Change your Thoughts, and a few other things.  It payed off big time.

Earnings in October 2017

here are the Facebook Audience Network Earnings for October 2017:

Instant Article Success

and here are the Adsense earnings in October 2017, these are in £, so converted to $ it would be $11,045.78

Google Adsense earnings october 2017

To say I was ecstatic is an understatement.  What I was more excited about was getting the word out there to other Facebook page owners and bloggers who might want to set up another income stream for their business.

Who is Instant Articles For?

Instant Articles is for online publishers, which basically means anybody who has a website or a blog with lots of great content to offer.

This is especially good news for bloggers who have a Facebook page.

Basically how it works is that you will turn your blog posts into Instant Articles on the Facebook network through the use of a plugin on WordPress or by using your RSS feed if you don’t have WordPress.

Anybody who sees one of your converted Instant Article blog posts on Facebook will either be shown the Instant Article, which is 10x faster loading, or will be sent to your blog.  If readers are viewing on a mobile they will be show the Instant Article, if they are on a computer they will be sent to your blog.

So essentially Instant Articles is for Mobile phones.

How Do You Make Money With Instant Articles?

Just like Google Adsense you will make money from ads that are placed inside your Instant Articles.  Unlike Google Adsense though you are paid by CPM.  So for every thousand ads shown you will be paid a certain percentage of ad revenue.  So you might earn $2-$10 for every thousand ads that are shown in your articles.

Your eCPM figures will vary according to which countries the ads are shown in.  So you might get $0.66 eCPM for people who view your ad from Pakistan and you might get as high as $10 eCPM for readers who view the ads from the USA.

A Radical Idea

After speaking with my coach about this and how I could market a product called Instant Article SUCCESS  he came up with a suggestion that was a bit radical.

I advised him that I know that others could easily earn at least $500 per month with my training on Instant Articles and he came up with a suggestion.  He said why not offer the product as a ‘Pay on Results’ product, whereby you give the program away for free and anybody who signs up only pay you when they’ve earned the cost of the program.

I loved this idea, it was different, I hadn’t seen any info products owners that sold their products this way.

So I created a program to teach Facebook page owners, who had a blog, how to earn at least $500 per month with instant Articles, but give it away for free until they earned the cost of the program back which is $297.

The program is called Instant Article SUCCESS and you only pay when you make the cost of the program, but to give people a little push they have to do it within 45 days.

Click the image below to find out more details:

Image of Instant Article Success program on iPhone

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions about this.  Leave a comment below and please share this article with anybody else you think it might help.




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